Nasal Obstruction

Advanced Nasal Obstruction Treatment

Often, sinus patients will visit an Ear Nose and Throat specialist complaining of nasal congestion or nasal obstruction. Sometimes, this nasal obstruction is due to sinus or allergies. Other times, nasal obstruction is due to anatomical factors, such as a deviated septum, adenoid hypertrophy or turbinate hypertrophy. Turbinates are tissue masses inside the nose which add warmth and humidity to the air that we breathe. Turbinates may change in size throughout the day, depending on whether we are standing or lying down. Nasal obstruction due to turbinates may be present in both adults and children. Fortunately, advanced treatment options are available.

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When this happens, our immune systems tell us that something is wrong. It could mean itching, swelling, hives or shortness of breath. Reduce your risk and the constant worry of an allergic reaction. Immunotherapy treatment can alleviate the threat of an allergic reaction and drastically improve the allergy sufferer’s overall quality of life.

Get Precise Treatment for Nasal Obstruction in Lake Charles

Coblation devices use radio frequency technology operating at a low temperature to gently remove tissue to reduce the size of nasal turbinates and open up the nasal airways. The precision and control afforded by Coblation devices minimize damage to surrounding tissue during the procedure, resulting in faster recovery.

Benefits of Coblation Turbinate Reduction

Patients who undergo the Coblation turbinate reduction procedure enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Minimally-invasive treatment
  • Convenient in-office visit
  • Safe and easy local anesthesia
  • Effective reduction of nasal obstruction
  • Speedy recovery time

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