Southwest Louisiana Allergy Sufferers

Let the ENT & Allergy Clinic Team Create Your Personal Allergy Relief Treatment Plan

Pollen, mold, dust, dander, food allergies and more! Sometimes, our bodies don’t always agree with the things that we come into contact with.

When this happens, our immune systems tell us that something is wrong. It could mean itching, swelling, hives or shortness of breath. Reduce your risk and the constant worry of an allergic reaction. Immunotherapy treatment can alleviate the threat of an allergic reaction and drastically improve the allergy sufferer’s overall quality of life.

Grass Pollen? Cedar Pollen? Pet Dander? Dust Mites?

Spring, summer, winter, fall – allergies can affect us year-round! From dust mites in the summer to mold in the winter, the allergy care treatment professionals at ENT & Allergy Clinic are ready to develop an individual treatment plan to meet your needs and bring relief.

Immunotherapy Relief for Lake Charles Allergy Sufferers

We’ll start with testing to determine the source of your allergy symptoms and isolate the what’s causing you so much misery. Once the source has been identified, we can begin to create your personal allergy treatment plan. A dedicated immunotherapy plan administered under the care of a professional allergist can provide relief for allergy sufferers.

Safe, Convenient, Effective Allergy Relief

Injection allergy treatment plans are an effective option for many patients.

An injection containing small amounts of the allergen are administered under the care of our dedicated allergy care team. Over time, patients will experience lasting relief and tolerance of allergens. Allergy shots are a clinically-proven method to relieve the effects of environmental allergies.

Low Occurrence of Side Effects

Adverse reactions are sometimes associated with allergy injection treatment.

These occurrences are almost always very mild and treatment is seldom required. Local reactions such as itching, irritation or redness can occur at the site of the injection within a few hours of treatment and clear up soon after. Systemic reactions are potentially serious, but less common.

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